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How the Warrior Burned

She was the one that got away. 

Torrick fell in love with fire. Fierce, strong, and wild, Alissowyn was everything he shouldn't want in a wife.

He knew the green-eyed redhead was special the day she kneed him in the groin when he tried to kiss her. What started off as a friendship turned into something neither of them expected. 

But when dark forces try to ruin their happily ever after, Torrick knew that in order to save her...he had to set her free. 

For now. 

He was the one to bring her back. 

Leaving that night was one of the hardest things Alissowyn ever had to do. But she couldn't stay—even for him. 

So that night, he helped her run. 


To escape. 

How was she to know that her freedom was borrowed, and that he had every intention of returning her home to him?

After all...what's a little kidnapping in love and war?

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War Prize

Cover Reveal TBA

The moment they crossed the sea and landed on our beach, I knew it was trouble.

With the Gods taking sides—and my cousin taking the Greek King's bride— war was imminent.

I expected them. I was prepared for them.

But I wasn't for him.

I was his war prize. His captive.

He calls me his little bird, and I guess I am because he put me in a gilded cage and clipped my wings.

I should hate him, but I don't.

I shouldn't want him, but I do.

I shouldn't fall in love with him...but I am.

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